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NXT ArRIVAL in 60 Seconds

extremeviki54 SAID:
Hey! I wanted to tell you that I really love your blog. It's quite beautiful and interesting. It's probably my favorite blog for Paige. Moreover,I wanted to ask you what are your thoughts on the rivalry of Paige and AJ. I like both of them and I think that both of them are extremely talented. However,I like AJ a bit more. Do you have any predictions regarding their triple threat match?

Thank you so much! :) And currently I’m enjoying the AJ/Paige feud. Turning Paige heel was the best choice, tbh. It does kinda suck how they’ve also mixed The Bella’s storyline in with it. I’m torn on what to think about come Night of Champions. I’m thinking Brie may cost Nikki the match or something? Or perhaps leading it to a DQ with Paige retaining I hope. Regardless, it should be good match if it’s given enough time.